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Easy Amazon S3 Multimedia Management and Publishing

Amazon S3 Made Simpler

Easily publish your Amazon S3 hosted audio files, video clips, images, HTML files, PDFs, and more using our intuitive web-based file-management system! Nearly anything you could possibly want to host can be done using Simple S3.

What is Amazon S3? | What is Simple S3? | Why use Simple S3?

For additonal information about the benefits of using Simple S3 for your content delivery needs, click the right arrow in the interactive tour, or navigate directly to a chapter using the quick links below.

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Simple S3 Saves You Money

Signing up for Simple S3 is a great way to save money on bandwidth for your videos! We you save money by allowing on-demand conversion of your multimedia files to compressed and optimized web formats.

We also have an affiliate program with 33% monthly comissions for paying customers. Simply tell 3 friends about us, and you could offset your entire subscription!

In the end, you're getting a production quality media delivery product with none of the arbitrary costs, and a couple of ways to save even more!

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Simple S3 File Manager

Our flexible S3 File-Manager does everything from organization to publishing. You no longer need to sort through charts and tables to find your files!

You can set security levels, upload files, preview your media, and publish directly from the Simple S3 File Manager.

Your entire workflow from upload to organization to publishing will all be managed through the file manager's simple visual interface. It really couldn't be any easier to produce professional looking content!

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Media Player Integration

We built our Amazon S3 compatible Audio and Video Players from the ground up. Our Web-Player Builder even allows you to custom tailor your own S3 Video Players!

Our video and audio players can be customized to fit your needs as a web-designer or developer. You can recolor the buttons, add custom links, and adjust the size while deciding what buttons to put in the play-bar.

Our players report all play statistics back to us so we can deliver valuable data.

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Media Player Themes

Simple S3 wants to keep you looking sharp with our flexible Audio and Video Player Theme Builder! We rebuilt our entire publishing sequence with efficiency in mind so you can spend less time building players and more time showing off your multimedia!

With our theming system you can create a theme once and publish that theme to any subsequent videos that you publish!

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Unlimited Folder Creation

Crush organizational barriers with our Virtual S3 Folder System! We bypass the arbitrary limitations of the 'bucket system' so you can have as many folders as you could possibly need!

Make as many folders as you want, and keep your valuable information well organized with ease!

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Massive Media Experience

Our team has been developing multimedia solutions for over a decade, so we have the infrastructure to scale our services to the demands of a large user-base.

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Cheaper Bandwidth

The most common reason for people to find a new multimedia hosting provider is that they are paying way too much for their bandwidth. Amazon S3's infrastructure ensures that you only pay for what you're using.

SEO Rankings

Search engines measure page load time and performance when they're indexing. One of the most common reccomendations of a SEO professional is to have your content delivered from a CDN like Amazon S3. 

Media Statistics

We built our Amazon S3 Video players from the ground up in order to offer a variety of useful features and statistics. Using Simple S3 you can launch multimedia campaigns and monitor your success on the same website.


You will need an Amazon S3 key to use Simple S3...

Amazon S3 bandwidth is a pay as you go plan, but right now Amazon is offering a large amount of storage, bandwidth, and file requests for free. Check out the Amazon S3 Pricing Page for more information. You do need an Amazon Web Services account with S3 enabled to use Simple S3.

There are many more reasons to switch over to Amazon S3 bandwidth with the Simple S3 interface.