What is SimpleS3?

Simple S3 acts as a layer between the user and Amazon S3. We basically make sure you don't need a team of developers to get the full benefit of a powerful tool like Amazon S3. We have also integrated a variety of multimedia specific tools.

Amazon S3 File Manager

Our flexible S3 File-Manager does everything from organization to publishing. Everything you do with your hosted content starts here.

Your entire workflow from upload to organization to publishing will all be managed through the file manager's simple visual interface. Set security levels, upload files, preview your media, and publish directly from the Simple S3 File Manager.

S3 Video and Audio Players

We have a complete audio and video delivery solution that we made in-house that will allow you to easily publish your S3 content to the web. Whether you are interested in a professional video solution or a casual one, our players are flexible and customizable for your needs.

Simple S3 Audio and Video Player Builder

Our video and audio players can be customized to fit your needs as a web-designer or developer. You can recolor the buttons, and adjust the size while deciding what buttons to put in the play-bar. You can also adjust numerous animations so your users don't have to be destracted by a bar in full-screen mode or otherwise.

Advanced users can add or remove their affiliate link from the players, and even add customizable buttons in order to convert or redirect their users to a page of their choosing.

Video and Audio Player Statistics

Our web audio and video players deliver up to date stats as your users and clients watch (or listen). From our home page you can view your most recently published files, as well as the ones that are viewed most often, and that are using the most bandwidth! You can monitor the success of your videos and audio daily and see how many people are watching them all the way through to the end.

Statistics are very valuable when you're launching an extensive media campaign, and Simple S3 delivers those statistics with accuracy.

Video Conversion and Optimization

Paying members can also convert multimedia files into common web formats so they can be seen by 99.5% of internet users! The converted files are also optimized to reduce your S3 bandwidth costs! That means that your clients and customers can watch more of your videos without costing you more money!

To find out why we're worth it, continue on to our Why Use Simple S3? section.