Learn how to find the location of a stolen or lost Android phone.
lost Android phone

The best way to locate your stolen or lost Android phone or tablet Until today.

The best way to locate your stolen or lost Android phone or tablet Until today, there wasn’t any way to find a lost or stolen Android phone. Precisely the same thing occurred with Android tablets.

Luckily, Google has given us the Android Device Manager. This can help you find your Android device easily.

Here is how to install this administrator and find your phone when you believe you have lost it.
 lost Android phone

Locate your phone with the Android Device Manager.

The Android Device Manager is a page through which you can see your Android apparatus on the map. It works with tablets and phones.

Once located, you can: Ask the Android apparatus emit a sound (even if it is in quiet mode)

Lock the device to stop third parties from utilizing it

Remotely erase all phone data.

What are the requirements?

The Android Device Manager operates on any device with Android 2.2 or higher.

It does not require installing any app or upgrading the operating system.

If your device is registered with Google, you can use Device Manager. Usually, should you use Google Play, you are already able to use this attribute.

The best way to use Device Manager to locate your phone

Follow these necessary steps to find your phone or tablet.

Log into a Google account is possible to enter through the page Android.com/devicemanager with your Google account.

Choose your device in case you’ve got more than 1 If you have more than one Android apparatus, you can choose it by clicking on the arrow that appears to the right of the title.

Wait until your device place seems Based upon the situation, Google might take more or less time to locate your device, especially if it’s moving or in an area with a weak signal.

Once found, you will realize its last position as a blue dot on the map, with an indicator of accuracy.

To update the plan, click on the arrow.

Make it ring to lock the apparatus or delete your information In case the unit is near your existing location, the Android Device Manager can ring your telephone or tablet with audio at full volume for five minutes, even if it’s in silent or vibrate mode.

On the other hand, if you’ve enabled remote deletion from Google options, you can delete all data stored on the device remotely: photos, contacts, emails, programs everything.

Finally, if you are aware that your Android device is only lost rather than stolen, then you might block the device.

Contact the authorities You’re not Batman. If you think your Android device has fallen into the wrong hands, contact the authorities and file a report.

Why might this not work? Without an internet connection, the device can’t communicate with Google, so it can’t signal its location.

The Wi-Fi is necessary to find the tool on the map. If you have GPS empowered, the precision will be higher.

The Android Device Manager will not operate if the phone or tablet computer is off or outside of the range, The phone or tablet computer does not have access to some Wi-Fi system The device was reset to factory settings To make confident your device can be found, open your device’s Settings app.

Harness Security & locations. Turn on Use place.For even more precision, begin the Settings program, then visit Security & place > Location. Hit Advanced > Google Location Accuracy. Switch on Boost Location Accuracy.

In case you Want an alternative to finding your lost Android phone

On the lookout for a different way to track your lost device?

Consider these programs:

Prey: a complete anti-theft option.The only security app and management platform you will need to guard phones, laptops, tablets, and their data.

Cerberus Security: Cerberus is a suite of services to protect your phone, yourself and your loved ones: Antitheft – the best protection you can get to recover your Devices.

McAfee WaveSecure: another Fantastic way. THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR YOUR MOBILE LIFE
With McAfee Mobile Security, you get peace of mind on the go.

Norton Anti-Theft: makes sure you trigger geolocation to make it much easier to zero in on your own Android device’s position.

Remember that the most comfortable choice to locate your phone is to call it. If your device is in hands, you won’t have to go to the trouble of the other opportunities. The best way to locate your stolen or lost Android phone or tablet Until today.