Prey: laptop and mobile tracking software.

Prey is an Anti-Theft software for both personal and business use.

Prey allows users to track lost-stolen laptop and mobile devices and handle them.

Prey is a freemium service that consists of a broker on your apparatus and a web service which manages the information it collects for you.

As soon as you install and configure it on your phone, notebook, or tablet, you are quickly going to deal with the program from your Prey account so long as your device connects with Prey servers.

The prey process hides in the background, taking the minimum of resources. If your system goes astray, you have to log into the Prey site and mark it as”MISSING.” So then, in the event the system can go online, the Prey broker will detect your alert and start sending regular reports.

Organize apparatus from all kinds and operating systems under a single platform. Android, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, macOS, laptops, tablets, and mobiles, we got it.

Do not be fear if ever your laptop got stolen don’t pray just prey.
Take our precaution from now and set up Prey which would keep track of the lost device.

If your device ever gets lost, do log into their official site and report your apparatus as stolen. You would receive regular reports in your registered email ID as soon as it gets connected to the internet.

The accounts include the location of the apparatus in addition to the snap of this user taken in the camera of their gadget.

Somehow, there is one limit of the place report it depends on the busy Wifi it is connected to.

If the individual uses another way of connecting to the net, it will not offer the appropriate location. However, other reports could be obtained.

Moreover, if you want more, commercial Pro accounts are also available. These allow you to get”missing” reports faster, and more frequently, encourage more devices and make it simpler to set up Prey in the first location.

Prices start at $5 per month.
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