Top 5 Greatest Fitness Apps For Android To Track Your Workouts In 2019.
Fitness App

Top 5 Best Fitness and workout Android apps.

Fitness Apps and Workout Tracker apps are ideal urges for your health, fitness, and weight loss because they’re always with us, and they are entirely personal.

Maintaining fitness demands daily habits and lifestyle modifications, and also a few small alterations in the right direction from your Android phone may make all the difference.

Now we’re talking about the top 5 best fitness Apps for Android to track your workouts in 2019.

A number of those programs highlighted here are monitoring tools. You can log workouts, count calories, and collect stats about runs, walks, and bike rides to see over time how you’re improving.

Fitness programs can also be training programs that put you in contact with a personal trainer or nutritionist who’ll check in with you after a week.

Also, some, of course, combine all these things.

Without having long words let’s focus on the best 5 Fitness Programs of 2019.

Note: These fitness program reviews aren’t in order of preference. You’re advised to decide on any of them as per your need.

Let us have a thorough look into the top 5 most excellent health and fitness apps of 2019 (Android ) which can help you have a much better life and stay fit.

1-MyFitnessPal: Greatest Calorie Counter.

MyFitnessPal is a Smartphone program and site that tracks exercise and diet to determine optimum caloric consumption and nutrition for the users’ targets and uses gamification components to inspire users.

MyFitnessPal app tracks your progress towards your goals and offers chat forums with fellow users.

The panels include discussions, recipes, tips, and personal success stories.

MyFitnessPal App will calculate the number of calories you have consumed from food and burned from exercise and let you know the number of calories you have left to eat daily.

Assessing in your weight allows you to monitor your progress over time and adjust your calorie aims to reflect your new weight.

You could also connect your Fitbit accounts with MyFitnessPal.

Whether you want to shed weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or begin a new diet, you enjoy MyFitnessPal App.


However, a number of its features can only be accessed in the paid version, which is $49.99 per year.

You Can Check their official site by clicking here.
You can also download the MyFitnessPal Android App by following this link.

2-Endomondo – Walking & Running App.

Fitness apps and trackers are becoming all of the rages nowadays and for a better reason.

In our busy schedule of lives, we’re always on the move. When we’re on the move, our workouts are also.

Due to the busy schedule, our workout routine is not always constant.

There are a bunch of exercise tracker Apps & Programs out there but among our current favorites is the Endomondo fitness app.

The Endomondo fitness Apps even lets you set up challenges which make working out both competitive and fun.

Endomondo utilizes GPS on your smartphone to test your workouts, and then upload your data online. It’s unbelievably simple to use and navigate and is customizable.

It’s a slew of options for different sports (running, cycling, walking, golf, hiking, skiing, swimming, aerobics, hockey, biking, and a lot more.

You’ll be able to get your music library through this app and view a map so that you always know just where you’re.

The Endomondo is, undoubtedly, our favorite.

It’s slick and simple to use, and it lets you quickly switch back and forth between aims.

When you have a fitness tracker which measures heart rate, Endomondo can connect to the unit to acquire data of your heartbeat. It’s easy to set up an App inside the program via Bluetooth.

Fitbit users will also love this App as you can connect Endomondo for your Fitbit, and it is going to automatically add your workouts to your log and calorie count the Fitbit program.

You’ll find far more information about Endomondo if you can directly check throughout their official website.

The basic Endomondo fitness program is free, as is the online account. Endomondo also provides a paid”Premium” option that covers various features for both the program and your online account. The current rate for its Premium Account is $5.99 per month or $29.99 each year.

If you would like to use, free Endomondo fitness tracker App, click here to download. I am sure that you will love this app.

3-Headspace: Headspace is a famous meditation program with cute animations.

However, Its free trial includes ten exercises geared toward beginners that could help you find out more about meditation in addition to applying it into your life.

As a beginner, it is better to not go for the paid version since you may get exactly what you want in the ten sessions that are free.

If you want to use premium service, then I suggest you pay $95 for an annual subscription, which works out to be about $8 a month.

Headspace was made to help users in minutes of high stress, just ten day’s practice has been proven to have wide-ranging gains, from improving sleep and relationships to reducing anxiety and stress.

The 10-day trial opens up the very first segment of the Principles 1 sessions bunch, which teaches you the essentials of meditation.

Puddicombe guides you through every session, beginning with a short introduction to a few of the fundamentals of meditation, which slowly contributes to the actual course.

Everyday Headspace sessions are more comfortable to finish than Pack sessions because they may be set for 5 or 3 minutes.

Click here To know more about Headspace.

Download the Headspace app by clicking here.

4-Aaptiv: Audio Fitness App.

This app has all the right ingredients to help develop new physical fitness customs and support movement toward goals.

Aaptiv can help you with learning how to work out independently at the fitness center and save money on courses.

Aaptiv’s objective is to assist EVERYONE is in a position to achieve their fitness and wellness goals rather than being targeted towards a particular demographic.

Aaptiv provides its users access to over 2,500 classes, and the firm says it’s up to 15 active physical fitness pros adding at least 30 new sessions every week.

You’re able to choose the time, music, and intensity.

If you are searching to get fit, physically, mentally or emotionally, this is the program for you.

It is not just another exercise program like most. It’s a family and a neighborhood filled with supportive coaches, users and staff who will support your journey ahead into gaining the best version of you.

A monthly subscription of Aaptiv is $14.99 and automatically renews every month. A yearly subscription is $99.99.

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Click here for a free 45-day Free trial.

5-Strava Coaching:
Strava is a societal exercise system that’s primarily utilized to monitor cycling, and running with GPS data.

The program not only records your runs and bicycle rides but also produces a rivalry between you and the people who are traveling through the same routes.

Like every other app for monitoring runs and bike rides, Strava clocks your own time, distance, rate, and other relevant factors about your actions as you’re doing that.

The activities are supposed to be done outside.

Just like any other fitness program, Strava included various membership programs and based on the applications, and users can pick the free version or the premium version.

Though the free version offers all of the standard features, there are a few limitations.

If running and cycling is the only thing you wanted, the free version is better for you.

To know more about Strava click here.

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